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How do you clean wood?


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Cavy Slave
Mar 17, 2005
I have a wooden ramp which the bottom of it smells like the piggys urine. Is there a way to get the smell off it or do I have to make a new ramp?
I would get rid of the wood completely and make a new ramp out of something other than wood. Your ramp is probably full of bacterias where they have peed on it at the bottom. Look in the galleries for ramp ideas.
Don't you have coroplast over the wood?

Wipe the wood down with a little vinegar temporarilly.
Yes, I do have coroplast and a floor mat on it. It's just the bottom part of the wood underneath that got messed up.
omg, my pigs are exactly like yours. They back up and pee right on the end of the wooden ramp. What i did to clean it was soak it in water and then let it air dry IN THE SUN. It works really good.
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