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Sexing how do i tell


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Cavy Slave
Mar 17, 2012
how do i tell if my guniea pigs sex is what the pet shop told me?:confused:
Double check yourself. I got caught out this way.
i think i will post pics of them here just so i know for sure.
i have heard of alot of people being caught out this way
Are they supposed to be males or females? How old are they?

If you push down gently on the stomach area right above a male's genital area the penis will start to protrude out.
they are ment to be males one is 10 weeks the other is 7 wks im pretty sure i can feel the sharft above the genitals and im pretty sure connor has a big set of testitals
Can you post pics?
i just post pics in what breed of what they look like, in what breed.... but i will get pics of the gentials soon
i know for sure hugo is a boy, i pushed lightly just above his penis and it came out.
connors didnt come out so easy but it did come out
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