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Biting How do I stop my pig from nibbling?


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Nov 4, 2011
My little girl (only had her about 12 days) likes to nibble my fingers and on three occasions it was a little hard for my liking. She did not break skin but it almost seems like she thinks I am food or something. I myself, am not worried, but I am worried if she bites my son, and I would like to know the best way to discourage this behaviour? At the moment I just tell her "no".
You can say "Ow!" rather sharply and move your hand. Also, make sure that your hands don't have any food smells on them. And it's probably a good idea to teach your son not to put his hands in front of their mouths. The only time I've gotten bitten was totally an accident -- I was holding a bit of tomato a little too long, but it was a bad bite. I just don't give them the opportunity any more.
I should say "ow" even to the tiniest of nibbles? Or, just the bigger bites? Is this like a teething baby who wants everything in their mouth? I think that she is doing it to be cute, but I just don't want to start a bad habbit of being her chew toy!
Then just move your hands. It's the same principle as letting a cute puppy teethe on your hands, then getting irritated when the grown dog does the same thing. If you want her to stop, then make your intentions known, or move out of the way. She can do plenty of investigating on your lap without you having your fingers in front of her mouth.
Thanks, that is what I figured. I would reather just redirect, I think, if it is just a nibble, and save the "no" for when she is a little rough. Obviously I don't "try" to get her to nibble on me, and I don't tease her, but its more when I pick her up from her cage, or go to walk her back and my fingers are in the general area of her mouth so as not to drop her! Wait...that sounds weird. I just mean that she is small and the way I hold her with two hands leaves it where my hands rest under her face. Does that make sense?
I agree with spy9doc....I lightly tap my females nose and say "no" or move her and she gets the idea..."Hey I'm not supposed to do that."
Thanks, it seems like she is just nervous about being carried since that is the only time she does it. She is getting better though.
Good Luck...Mine hates to be carried too, but once she is in my arms she is a very happy piggie.
so, she still bites, but it seems only when i carry her to her cage. she has even drawn blood! what am i doing wrong?
when i carry my piggies back and forth, I hold them in a towel and they bite that instead.
How are you holding her? She may not feel secure, or you may be inadvertently hurting her.

I do it one of two ways. I either put the pig in one hand and hold that arm close to my chest. I then cover the body with my other hand and trap them between my hands. Or, I sit them on one hand with their back against my chest, and then hold them against my chest with the other hand.
I usually hold her up against me with my hand under her bum and the other higher up for support. I don't think I'm hurting her but I do think that she might not like being held while in motion. I still don't like the biting though as I don't want her to think its okay. I tap her nose. Not hard at all as i don't believe in that but it's more like a "hey you can't do that" sort of thing.
Our Spanky bites a little too. We have had ours for about a month. He bites my boyfriend more than me, and I thought for a while that Spanky must not have liked how he was being held. But man this morning I tried to do lap time with Spanky and he got a hold of my sweatshirt and bit hard. Glad my arms were covered! I searched a bit on here and saw that mites could cause them to bite too?I think I decided I am going to do a mite treatment on both of them. They were checked and cleared for mites but I guess that can be wrong sometimes?! I guess I can ask the vet too.
Some guinea pigs are just natural nibblers. You just need to carry them carefully and put your hands where they're not vulnerable.
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