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Fleece how do i make the sewn fleece bedding?


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Jan 13, 2012
i have a 2x4 C&C cage and I am wanting to make the bedding that goes up the side of the cage some. I was wondering if anyone has a pattern on how to do this. I have tried to find a thread on it but I just can't seem to find one that shows how to do it. If you know how or of a thread showing how, could you please link it to me or help me? ty :) I will most likely be using a couple layers of towels sewn into the fleece.
how do i make the sewn fleece bedding?
It's easy. To do just a fleece one with no absorbant layer(put a uhaul blanket or towels down then the fleece on top) you need to make 5 rectangles.

Measure the inside bottoms length/width. Add an inch to this to give yourself a half inch allowance when sewing. Measure you height/length for your sides. Double the height for the wrap around to cover the sides. Add an inch to these measurements to give a half an inch allowance while sewing.

Sew the outer edges first to make a giant loop of fabric. Have the sides you wan showing facing in to each other so the seem can't be seen. Once done pin this to the large bottom rectangle. Again sew it so the side you want showing is facing down so you don't see the seems.
ty so much all :) and ty for the info on the house. sux i wasted money on it but good to know its not good. i was wondering since it felt a bit rough
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