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Ramps How do I make a ramp?


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Oct 9, 2011
I recently built a second level to my cage...pigs love it..but the ramp I made (after looking thru 3.2 million photos) is just not up to par. It is constantly coming unclipped from the upper level and not working.

One of my piggies is a big girl, so needs to withstand weight lmao!

I was considering levels (maybe they would jump up, but one of them won't jump up.

Do you guys have some ideas for me?
I have a cat scratching board waiting to go in my new cage. I made sure it didn't have any catnip on it and it's got a strong backing and sisal for grip. I plan on drilling holes in it and cable tying it to the grids.
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I have my ramp zip tied loosely enough that I can swing it up to clean under it. I think there are 3 or 4 ties. When its in regular place it's along the inside of the cage, I just clip it to the side to stable it.
Are you using grids? I was just using a peice of coroplast. I guess I need to get my dad to bending grids this evening.

If I use the grids, would fleece be enough to put on them or do I need something stronger?
My current ramp are 2 bent grids ziptied together and ziptied to the loft so I can flip it up. The ramp has a piece of coroplast, then a piece of canvas, then a piece of carpet, all cut to the length of the ramp (the reason for canvas and carpet is the canvas was too slick by itself but helps hold the carpet on). And the canvas and carpet are held on by rolled ducktape so the piggies can't eat it.
Im thinking I will use grids and then ziptie the coroplast to it. Then I should be able to ziptie the whole thing to the top of the cage and clip a peice of fleece to it.

I would like to do a peice of carpet, but I am worried about cleaning it.
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