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How do I make a cover for my cage?


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Jul 11, 2005
I have the supplies to start building my cage but I can't figure out how I'm going to make a cover. Do I need to use cage grids or can I use a piece of cardboard? I am going to be making it 2X4 approx. I see the directions on how to build the cage but nothing on how to make a cover.
We don't have a cover on our cages but I know that I have seen several different options in the galleries. I think that the site suggests using 2 pieces of shelving cable tied together for a lid. Supposedly, most, if not all, of the home improvement stores will cut them to the size you need them. Hope this helps.
thanks everyone :) I also just noticed that the store cage I'm taking her out of comes apart in pieces so I may use the pieces from that in addition to the wire cubes that I have and rig something up that way.
Or you can do it like we have ours, we don't have a cover, we made the whole front of the cage swing outward. That way we can pull the coroplast pans out and then if you want to build on later, you can make another level. If you have a top cover, you are going to only be able to get your pigs if they are on the top level and not running for cover to the first floor! :) We just attached the whole front swing out portion with a ton of cable ties.
Having an open cage may not work for sabrinasmommy. If she has other animals in the house such as dogs or cats, she will need a lid/cover on the cage.
Our cage isn't open, you can see the cage in my gallery to see what I mean about the front swinging out. I got the idea from another cage picture someone had posted. We have four cats, so there is no way we could have an open cage, either.
I didn't look in your gallery Sky. Too many members with too many cages to keep up with! It's hard to remember who has what cage.
I didn't think that you had looked, I was just saying if you wanted to see what the heck I was talking about, you could go look at my pics since there is a link right to my gallery at the top of the post. :)
Hehe, for me your gallery link is on the left side of the post. I think you have a very neat construction for your cage.
Well, thank you very much, Ly. :) I actually just bought some more cubes today to make the cage a panel larger in length, and to make a third level. Now that I have 5 piggies, they need as much room as I can give them!

Oh, and we have since made it into a Hello Kitty themed cage. When it is all finished, I will post pics in the theme cage gallery!
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that is a very neat construction. For now I just safetytied some cloroplast to the top. We keep the top up when we are in the room and shut it when we are not. It doesn't look too pretty but it works :)
I am going to post a new thread with some pictures if you want to come see :D
Sabrinasmommy, is your piggie able to climb up the coroplast ramp? At least it looks like it is made only from coroplast. My pigs could never get up there, it would be way too slippery...plus they are all too chunky! :)
no she can't get up it, she can get down it though. I don't have anything up there for her right now. I am just keeping it there because she likes to hide under it and then push her way out of it.
I used some heavy-ish cardboard that an unfolding bookcase from OSH (Orchard Supply Store) had come in. I cut off the back, and basically following the instructions from making the corplast tray, I made a--well, cardboard tray, lol, with two-inch sides, held together with coroplast. It's very sturdy, and our calico sometimes likes to go snooze on the end next to the window, lol! I don't have pictures yet...

I'm making a second level, and to fix the problem Skyenoir mentioned, about not being able to reach the pigs on the first floor, I'm going to attatch all (okay, most) the front cubes with twisty ties, so I can undo them and swing the cubes down when I want to get them...

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I just finished up a makeshift ramp for her, now we will wait and see if she figures it out.
I covered the coroplast with cardboard and then covered the two with a fuzzyfabric I have. I just placed some veggies on the ramp for her to see if she can get up there. I know I'll have to make a sturdier ramp for her soon but she is very small right now and I don't think it will move.
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