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how do i close my account?

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Apr 2, 2012
its been made quite clear that I'm not welcome here, how do i close my account?
They don't close accounts, so you just have to stop coming here instead. Not a big deal.
I went back through your post's and I don't see it. Are you being bullied in private? If so, then you can report them.
its by the pm
I'm sorry to hear that someone is making you feel unwelcome but would you say that on the whole, the people in the forums have made you feel welcome?

It would be a shame for you to leave simply because of one dolt in PM, don't you think? If you leave because of that one person, then it's almost like they win which is what they want.

I hope you choose to ignore that person and stick around to be part of the forum. It would be a shame if you weren't able to ask and answer questions about pigs just because one person chased you away.
yes everyone on this forum has helped me, well my piggies alot

I've had a couple of rude remarks from them, i struggle to word things so other people can easily understand, (my mum normally helps me) but when i don't they point out that i don't make sense, I really do try but its just who i am i can't help it but i really have tried,
i tried to explain my situation to them and i just got told people on here have lives so they can't hold my hand:( i didn't want my hand holding i just wanted to learn about my pigs

sorry if you can't understand me:(
Abi i enjoy reading your posts! I definatly think you should speak to a moderator about this
We will resolve the issue privately. Thanks.
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