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Bonding How do I bond?


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Mar 16, 2012
One Guinea Pig is mine, and the other is my sisters. How do I bond with mine? I put her on my lap and she makes that noise. :?:
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What noise is it? Guinea pigs make lots of noises. The best way to get to know her is through her stomach. Try hand feeding her vegetables like kale, or romaine lettuce. And while she's nibbling on it, stroke her back. She'll warm up to you quickly if you do that every day.
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Thanks for trying to help me lol The noise sounds like when there hungry, but a little different.
Gladly. :)
Like a little more louder and urgent? That's their warning call. My pigs did that when I first got them. That's normal, they're just getting used to you. If it's a little quieter and faster, their probably chutting, which means they're already pretty comfortable with you.
They do it to each other though too..
make sure you're also holding them correctly, as shown here: https://www.guinealynx.info/handling.html

Otherwise, it takes time. Sometimes lots and lots of time! One of my guinea pigs won't even be on my lap unless it's in a shoe box. Some people wrap their piggies in a towel. Something to make them feel safe and secure. I second the lots of hand feeding advice!

When I'm approaching their cage I also speak softly to them, so they know it's just me. They have poor vision and if they hear something coming close to them, they get scared.
Spend as much time as you can with your pig every day. When we took Quee into our home, she was over four years old and had lived in relative isolation in a bedroom for virtually all of that time. Naturally, she was very shy and skittish, even by guinea pig standards. But we picked her up and held her while feeding her bits of parsley and lettuce and hay every day, and by now she's used to it.

Pick her up, and just sit down on the couch with her. Hand-feed her favorite vegetable and pet her. She'll warm up to you pretty quick.
Thanks so much!
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