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Cage How do I add on to my commercial cage?


Cavy Slave
Nov 11, 2011
Hello. I have one guinea pig cage. I measured everything today. Her cage is 3.6 square feet. I know it should be 7.6, so I am trying to add on. I am only 13, so I need something sort of cheap to convince my parents. My range is around $50. The table I have her on is 9.6 square feet. Her current cage is one from petco, and she has a pigloo, waterbottle, food dish, and a pvc tube. I would like to add more but there is no more room. Please, do you have any ideas to expand. Also any Links would be greatly apprecciated! :) also I have a cat and a dog so a top is necisary! Thanks so much:yawn:

You can build a good sized coroplast cage for probably under $50. You can place an ad on Freecycle or Craigslist to see if you can get the girds for cheap or free and then just have to worry about the coroplast and zip ties.
Here's a sample of what you can do with your pet store cage. Use it as a feeding area.

How do I add on to my commercial cage?

To add a lid, you can buy closet shelving and use cable ties to secure them to the grids.
How do I add on to my commercial cage?
Thanks. How does the flece work out? Does it get soiled quickly? How often do you change it?
Thanks soo much! I will shurly convince my parents because my piggy is turning 1 in the end on novmber! Thanks so much for the help. I reallly reallly apprecciate it!
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