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How day


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Cavy Slave
Jan 15, 2012
Hi all, My name is James. We just resently got 2 guinea pigs, The albino one my daughter name Little Girl my wife and I name the other one Dolly do to we think she looks like a toy or movie prop or something along those lines lol she is adorabull. I made them a pen in the corner of the "office" that they seem to love. My daughter talked me into getting them and I am glad I did they are great animals. I will be a lot more happy once they stop being so scitish.
Hope to make new friends here and thanks for having me.


Welcome. Your piggies are so cute. You are going to love this site. Everyone is so nice and helpful. Glad you found it.
They're adorable! You sound like a great piggy dad!
Thanks for the replies :) I am sure Little girl is an American but what is Dolly? Her hair is softer and if you see in the photo it seems fluffier on the back of her head and neck and such. Is her hair going to get longer? Hard to get good clear photos of them, they never really seem to sit still lol.
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