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Keeping Cool How can my guinea Pig keep cool? And are they allowed to drink Orange juice?


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Mar 16, 2012
Hello, I have two imporant questions. 1st, how can I keep my piggies cool for the summer? Its 90F and I can't put them outside or they will get heat stroke. And 2nd question, can I give my piggies Orange Juice? Like orange juice you buy at the store? Thanks!
How hot does it get inside the house? I think I'd buy a cheap thermometer and figure that out. Beyond a certain temp, I think I'd invest in a small cooling system that you put into your window.

Some helpful things you can do are:

-icey treats- I'll chop some cilantro, bell pepper into a food processor until it's "minced" then freeze it. I'll then let it thaw slightly for a few minutes on the counter and then feed it to the pigs
- Put a water bottle with ice a cool water in a sock so they can cuddle up next to it
- Pet stores also sell something called a Chin Chiller. It's marble slab. Marble stays somewhat cool.

Don't give your pigs orange juice. Extremely sugary. Why do you want to give them such things? Have you taken a look at the nutrition chart in the nutrition section? That will set you up with a healthy diet.
They should only be drinking pure water...
I don't have oranges to give them, so I didn't know what to give them for vitimen C. And I do give them a slice of orange.
Oranges are not only sugary, but acidic. Frequent feedings of oranges can result in diabetes and mouth sores. it's much better for them to get their vitamin C from something such as a bell pepper.

here is the link to the nutrition chart: https://www.guineapigcages.com/threads/22156/

It clearly states the frequency in which you can feed things, calcium content, vitamin C content, etc. How old are your piggies?
Many veggies do offer a source of vitamin C so that is one place for your pig to get it.
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