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How can I make a ramp?


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May 11, 2012
I Have an upper deck on my C&C type cage, but my previous guinea pig (RIP) never liked going up and down the ramp. I feel like I need a different one as its kind of thrown together and its kind of slippery, so are there any tools or tricks anyone can give me to make a nice new ramp for my new piggies?
We used a gutter, cut to length and then I lined it with the non slip cabinet liner stuff and hot glued it down. My pigs go up and down with no problems. We did need to round the corners with a dremmel. The gutter was about $6 (and I have lots and lots left) and the liner was less than a $1.
I hope this video can be helpful to you! :)

I bent 2 grids into a U shape and ziptied them together, then I line the top with fleece :) seems to work just fine!
Thanks you guys! All very helpful! I think i'm going to try the gutter thing first with some of that cat-scratchy stuff used in the video.

If that doesn't work I'll buy more grids and try that :D
Thanks so much!
I bent 2 grids into a U shape and ziptied them together, then I line the top with fleece :) seems to work just fine!

Using grids to make my first cage today, on a budget (fleece from Joann Fabric's scrap section and clearance plastic easter table cloths underneath LOL!) and had no idea what I could use around my house to make a ramp! The grids/connectors are from a setup I actually used as a kid, and I ended up with like 15 extra grids for the size of the table cloth.... thanks so much! This will help Peter Parker (aka Spiderman aka my piggy) help get to his second story!
When I had my loft up I just took 4 grids and bent them into sort of an "L" shape and then connected them with zip ties so there was sort of a railing on both sides. Then I folded their large hammock in half and used that as padding.
This is my ramp:

[GuineaPigCages.com] How can I make a ramp?[GuineaPigCages.com] How can I make a ramp?

It is just 3 bent grids. One is zip tied to the loft base grids and the side of the cage, one is upside down ziptied to the wall of the cage, and one is ziptied to the side of the cage and the top grid to cover it. Sorry if that doesn't make sense. I got the idea from here, minus the cover. I just lined it with fleece, however I am going to be adding coro and towels instead soon.

Also, you could cover the cover -lol- with a stretchy book cover...
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