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how can I give my cavy floor time ?


Cavy Slave
Feb 20, 2005
I have three dogs and there pretty used to tiny(my guinea pig).But the still could hurt her!I cant keep my dogs outside during the hole time of floor time.Any ideas?
Can you put the dog into another room with the door shut or likewise for your pig?
How big is the dog?
i have three small dogs.I could probley put tiny in one rooom a;lon with me.

This is another animal but it kinda relates. My aunt has 1 pit bull and 2 german shepards who ae the cutest little things around humans, but their instincts take ove when it comes to my aunt's ferrets. So when we want to play with the ferrrets we take them in another room (An empty bathroom) and play witht hem in there.
Yeah, it would be easier to put the pig in another room rather than 3 dogs
I don't think I've ever heard anyone refer to a pitbull dogas cute.
Pit bulls are like any other dogs...some are cute, some aren't.
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Louis said:
Well you guys are unlucky mine guinea pig get a mimuin 8 hours of outside running around on the grass time a day. I closed off a few area's around the back of the house, added a few hiddie holes, made sure he could not exsape , speaking of outside time i better put him in his cage its 6:00 in the noon
Is your piggy area free from any animal getting in?
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What about protection from above? or cats etc
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I loooove pitbulls! Louis, how the hell can you be responsible for a guinea pig when you can't even spell correctly.
well we can't all live in Australia, now can we? you are so luck to be able to have all that space and such. I am extremle jolouse of you.

And piglet just because she has bad speling dosn't mean that she isn't responsible. I have horrible spelling but I'm extreamly responsible.

no hard feeling to any one: I love you all :0)
I don't have a dog, I have guinea pigs.

My sister was attacked by a pitbull when she was a kid so I still say they are NOT cute, (only a few years ago) especially when theyr'e teeth are locked around a 7yr old's throat.

ALL dogs are CUTE!!!! AnD pitbulls, AnD rottweilers, who says all of them are mean? To tell you the truth out of a %100, %70 percent of pitbulls are nice, I dont know why people say that pitbulls are mean they are like any other dog, they are ALL cute, and most are nice.
Wel,l come back and say that afte the doc has stitched you up.....

I don't hate dogs, I just don't like that breed.
If any dog had their teeth around a child throat I would say they aren't cute. But then again, cuteness has nothing to do with it.

What makes a pit bull mean? The wrong owner. It sickens me when I see pit bull puppies with heavy chain link collars on. Why would this happen? Because their idiot owners want to make them bigger, stronger, meaner. Is it the dog's choice? No Fricken way!!

I am sorry for what happened to your sister, but don't blame ALL pit bulls. If one of your pigs attacked you would they all be mean. If one person from a particular country (Say, Italy, Germany, Ireland, etc...) hit you, would they all be agressive? NO NO NO NO NO!!! Don't generalize.
I think I'm entitled to my own opinion on what dogs I like and what I don't.
Pitbulls were bred as fighting dogs and with the right owners they I'm sure could
be lovely pets but as a mother I'd never trust them, they can't help it, its instinct.
I'd have to admit as a puppy maybe 4-8 weeks old, I'd say they are CUTE, but after that I think to some extent theyr'e aggressive nature kicks in. (moreso with terrible owners than families or where they have been in fights and not socalised as pup's))
Even shelters say so. I wasn't generalising because if I was, I'd be more inclined to say I hate ALL dogs, don't you think?
I like dogs, I've had a rotty who I loved, a staffordshire bull terrier who I adopted at 13 yrs old so they wouldn't put her to sleep, a maltese, a dobermanXridgeback, a mix of a few, and I am considering buying a St bernard soon so I think that shows I do like dogs, I just don't trust pitbulls. And it's a shame because the other week there was a really sweet girl at the shelter but her breed made me walk away. She had lots of scars so it would be a BIG risk when I have small kids.
Bad owners are what makes them mean, and also, if you feed them meat, thats when they become a pitBULL so if you give them love and cut out the meaty meals, they are just normal, sweet, dogs.
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