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C&C Alternatives How can I get a C&C???


Cavy Slave
Jan 9, 2012
:weepy: My mom just told me my dad might be a bit mad at me if a buy a C&C cage because he "wasted" $210 on buying my guinea pig with all the additions. So I won't be getting a C&C. I wish there was some way I could convince my dad. Any ideas? My mom wasn't impressed either. I showed her how popular they are, how easy they are to clean, how she would have more room, ect. And, nothing. She just said," All you need is a lot of floor time and love to give to her, and she'll be fine." But it's not like that at all. They just don't understand.

Can anyone help me get my guinea pig her dream house???
❤️ Lilia
Try looking around the site for some creative CC alternatives. I have seen plenty of pictures of engineered cages that still meet the standards. :) Remember, your little darlings don't know or care how much money you spent on their home as long as its comfy, entertaining, and keeps them safe. lol Keep an eye out for things that you could use/combine together to give them some extra room.
Why not save up your allowance, or other money, and buy the stuff yourself?

My first c&c cage I bought myself. I was 14 at the time and used babysitting money and allowance.

I would also talk directly to your dad. Explain it to him and see how that goes.
Try thrift store for grids. I got 25 more grids today... I want to expand... at good will and lucky me the tag was their color of the day and I got them half price :) $2.49. Its hit or miss thow when I find them there.
You can also try freecycle or craigslist. I have gotten 2 sets of cubes from freecycle over the last few months. Only thing is you will have to go pick them up from someone, but maybe some people would bring it to you..

When I was taking care of a guinea pig at my daycare center, she had a small petstore cage. I gave her as much floor time as I could, and I made a playpen area attached to the door of her cage. That way I could just flip the door open and she could play as she wanted.
See, my parents would not care about the prices, it's just about how much they paid before when I just got my guinea pig. I would be able to buy the C&C myself easily. And Librarychick, I will talk to my father directly to see if it's o.k. If he says yes, i'll FOR SURE get one. My mom already said that we will go out and buy fleece tomorrow. Probably 2 rolls or so.
You could always sell your old cage and try to get some of your (your dad’s) money back.

Just don’t list it as a guinea pig cage, since it’s too small for them. You could advertise it for smaller animals like gerbils, mice, or hamsters.
Since your mom said to give them lots of floor time, you could make a C&C cage and attach it to the pet store cage and tell her it's a floor time space. And you can leave them in there all the time.

Here's a sample how to attach the pet store cage to C&C cage.
How can I get a C&C???

Another pic:
How can I get a C&C???
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I remodeled the cage a bit. I have anti-pill fleece now, my piggy LOVES it! This is where I post pictures :Pictures by SandyMandy229 - Photobucket . Here you will find pictures of Lilia, remodels of her cage, my brothers fish, ect. The password is LiliaGuest. It is spelled exactly like that.

Anyway, I will write an essay in my spare time about selling the cage and getting the money, who I can sell it to, and other things about the selling of it. I will try dog-walking and baby-sitting for money in the spring, over break, just to buy the cage. I'll start right now. :)
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I would offer your parents an option where they need not spend a penny more: Offer to return the pet store cage and use the refunded money to buy everything you need to build a C&C cage. Perhaps they will even let you keep the difference... it should be enough to get one heck of a stockpile of KMS hay.
That is a good idea. Ask your parents if they still have the receipt and call the petstore to see what their return policy is.
You can return it? Isn't there a return policy? I've had her for 3 years now, and the corners of the cage are spotted black. I bought her at this pet store. Lucky me, I bought her from a REALLY good one. Here is the site: The Animal Store - Lincolnwood, IL . Even though it's a pet store, I am forced to go to it. I have seen how often they clean the cages, how much they care for them, ect. and it wasn't too bad. They clean the cages every day, before the store opens.
Oh, I had assumed this was a recent purchase, so sorry about that.

In that case, I would offer to do some extra chores around the house to earn money, and then make a setup like Lissie suggested. You might want to try looking at thrift stores and such for excess grids. I was about to get around 30 grids for $1 at a swap meet, basically like finding gold to a cavy slave!
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