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Bonding How can I find the perfect friend for my pig?


Cavy Slave
May 13, 2012
Hello, I'm new here! I have a 7 month old boy named Casper. He doesn't seem particularly lonely (seeing as I spend most of my days with him) but I have been thinking about getting a second guinea pig to keep him company while I'm not here (and, what can I say, I really adore guinea pigs).

I've been looking at shelters and different rescue groups and have found a few other boys that aren't part of a bonded pair...I'm just not sure what traits or qualities to look for that would mesh well with Casper!

I won't be getting another pig until my C&C cage is made (which will be about a month from now) so I have some time to keep searching. I guess I just need some advice from you guys!

If it helps, Casper is a really quiet guy. He loves spending time with me and running around his cage, however he's not super active during floor time. I have absolutely no idea if he's the dominating type, since he's not around other piggies! I just really want to find him a friend that he can bond with...
A lot of rescues will let you bring your piggy along for an intro to see if they get along well, so just find a piggy you would be interested in getting, then email/call the rescue and see if you can set up something like that.
the only thing that's for sure is you should get a companion pig that is either the same gender, or neutered - no breeding!! other than that it's pretty much impossible to predict ahead of time how pigs will get along. males, especially need plenty of room, so make sure your c&c cage is at least the recommended size for 2 pigs, if not bigger. try to find a rescue that will let you bring your pig for a meet and greet to see if they get along initially, though that's no guarantee either. i took one of my boys with me, and he got along great with the pig i chose to adopt, but once we got home they hated each other and had to be separated. they all have their own personalities. i thought my pig george was a shy older guy, and right now, he's the one causing all sorts of mayhem in the cage. hopefully it's just a phase. anyway - good luck. with guinea pigs you're just never bored! also, if you haven't already done so, go to https://www.guinealynx.info/companionship.html (i think that's the right link)and read the social life section, especially the part about bringing a new pig home.
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Thank you both! I'll definitely do that and keep you guys posted :)
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