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How big is too big?


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May 29, 2012
Hey all

I have one male (castrated) with 3 female guinea pigs (all under 4 motnhs old). BUT, I met someone with an older sow that he is unfortunatwly badly mistreating and I want to adopt the poor little girl. What I want to know is...Can a guinea herd ever get too big?

My pigs moved into their new room yesterday. They now have a room of 7 metre by 8 metre all to themselves and are no longer caged. Is this enough space for a fifth pig?
Whether a herd is "too big" is a subjective matter. It all depends on how many pigs someone is comfortable with and can reasonably take care of.

7 meters is about 23 ft. 8 meters is about 26 ft. So yes, that's enough space for 5 pigs.
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