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General How Am I Doing?


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Dec 18, 2011
Hey everyone! This is going to be my last question/thread for a bit. Well, who knows, I may have another question in an hour!

OK, so I have been taking care of my Piggies for 3 months exactly in 2 days, and they will be about 7 months then. I want everyone's opinion on how I am doing and what I could be doing better, what I am doing good, etc..

OK! So here is how it goes down at my house.......


Usually when I go to school each morning, I take care of my Piggies around 6:30 AM. I go to the fridge, and get them their food.

They get EVERY DAY:

*1 Baby Carrot

*3 stalks of Cilantro

*1/4 of a Yellow Bell Pepper

*1 Grape/Cherry Tomato

*Red Leaf Lettuce


I also change 1 item on their Daily Item menu each week, if I run out. Radicchio can be changed out for Green Bell Pepper or Zucchini. * Denotes items that are in their menu regardless. Anything without a * is changed weekly, about.


KMS Timothy Hay

2-3 times PER WEEK:

*Snap Green Beans

*Strawberries (1 per weekly feedings)

*Blueberries (2 per weekly feedings)


Again, items with * are fed weekly regardless. Anything else can be changed when we run out. Parsley can be rotated with Artichoke or Green Cabbage. Usually they get their weekly fruits on Monday and Friday, and they get their weekly veggies on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

That is their diet. How does it sound? Also, how do I prevent food from going bad? Most of it is in a container of some sort. I don't understand though, if Strawberries and the like come in a container of like 15-20, and they only get 4 Strawberries a week, won't it go bad? Or am I supposed to eat some too, haha. Also, in the Diet chart, it says that it is best if Guinea Pigs get 2 servings of Veggies and 1 serving of leafy greens each day. Does that mean that they should only get leafy greens in 1 of their feedings each day? Also, what are "leafy" greens and what are "veggies" and how are they different?

I get home from school, repeat the process, spot clean the cage if necessary.


I do my best to give the Guinea Pig's floor time every other day. They have a playpen made out of grids and zip ties, and it adds up to a 3x5 which I set up in the living room at my house. I also clip their nails monthly, and clean their cage every Friday. They get fresh litter in their boxes when necessary. Also, how often are people replacing their litters? I need to do it sometimes daily........ Is that uncommon? It just looks so brown and yucky every other day or so.......


I am going to probably give them a vet appointment every year. They passed with flying colors the last time which was in February!

Thanks everyone! I hope people don't see me as a beggar...... Ooops. I am just curious as to how I am doing! Thanks!
I think you're doing very well! It's a learning process, and of course no one can ever take perfect care of their guinea pigs, we can only try. I would say to cut down on the tomato, as they are quite acidic, and I would guess that just like most other fruits, they should be fed about once a week. Though don't quote me on that, as it is just a guess. lol Leafy greens are basically things with leaves that you eat. xD So things like lettuce, parsley, and cilantro. Things like a yellow pepper wouldn't be a leafy green because you eat the actual pepper and not the leaves of it. You're also very brave in clipping there nails, I just can't do it. xD Every so often I'm just going to have to bring the four to the vet to have her do it, as I just keep thinking that I'm going to hurt them when I do it. So over all I think you're doing great! :D
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