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horrible petstore secret? havr any of you seen this??


Cavy Slave
Apr 6, 2012
okay so when i got my first guinea pig at age 13 (im 18 now) i went to go buy one at my local petsmart with my dad. i found my perfect piggy and took him home. he had so many health issues and was sneezing alot and had horrible foot problems so we took him back the next day. they told me i could exchange him for a different pig, but they didnt have any on display, so she took me to the back of the store into this small supply room that smelled like urine. there was one of those small 3 door plastic storage containers.
[GuineaPigCages.com] horrible petstore secret? havr any of you seen this??
these containers were SO FILTHY on the outside, it was clouded with brown slude. in the inside there where like 7 guinea pigs in each bin with very little shavings, no hay and spilled bowls of water, it was horrible, but i chose my pig, he surprisingly was healthy and lived for about 4-5 years, he was an amazing pig, but has anyone come across anything like this in a petstore? i just bought my guinea pig batman from petco and my eyes are now opening.
That's horrible..Did you call the ASPCA (or you father since you were 13)
no,my father didn't follow us in. i wasnt very keen when it came to pet store abuse at that age, i was horrified by the sight but just though to myself "well they are petstore workers so they must know what they are doing" if i were to see that today, i would call ASPCA in a New York minute. i bet the girl wasn't sapossed to take me back there, maybe she was new and no one told her to keep customers away from there? i wonder if all pet stores do that
I think i would have pushed the thing out to my car and driven to the nearest rescue then called authorities
This is still going on in petstores. This is why we dont like petstores. The front of the store maybe be so clean and pretty, everything nice for the customers to see and 'buy". Nice, mabybe even knowlegable staff IT IS WHAT IS BEHIND THE SCENES that you do not see. The horrible conditions, the horrible bredding.
The sick piggies. The breeding mills that bring piggies to the back of the store.
That is what you allow to keep going everytime a piggie is bought. End of story.
The sad thing is, that girl probably didn't even realize it was wrong or cruel or she wouldn't have let you back there. For her, it was just another typical day at work.

I've seen so many posts saying, "What's the difference if I buy a pet store piggie rather than adopt one, since the adoption piggy probably came from a pet store at some point anyway?" Your experience sums it up: when you buy from a pet store, another guinea pig (or maybe more, since you've proven the demand) will get crammed into tiny, filthy quarters like those draws and the breeding mill's pockets will be further lined.

On the flipside, if you adopt a piggy, even if it came from a pet store originally, you've now freed up a cage in a rescue or shelter rather than making room for the next breeding mill pig. Doesn't matter where the adoption pig came from originally; by adopting, you don't increase the pet store demand any further and you enable more rescues by making more space. If only everyone would do that, there would be no more disgusting back rooms because pet stores would stop selling what people don't want to buy.
thats awful
That is repulsive. I once called animal services on a store who's rats all had scabs, the person on the other end of the line wasn't very sympathetic and nothing was done about the store. It started out as an ASPCA number and then I got transferred a billion times. I have no idea who I was talking to in the end.

I have no idea what the best course of action after that is.
I, sadly, can confirm OP's story. I used to work for Petsmart about six years ago. I put in my two weeks' notice after working for them about a year because I just couldn't stand for the way they treated their animals. They manipulated my schedule to make it look like I had no hours at all and when I came in to get my schedule, I saw I had no hours.... so I didn't come in. I'm now un-rehireable due to that loop. They didn't want me to turn them in I'm sure.

To reiterate: There's a small room (or rooms, we had two) where the Pet Care Specialist goes to care for the animals that are sick or have just come in off the truck. One room is for sick, the other for the new animals. While we never had them in containers like the picture in OP's post, they were all banded together in small cages. There would be shelves of 10 gallon tanks and there could be anywhere from 2-20 animals in each one, depending. We would keep them there to get them acclimated and to transition them on to the sales floor once our inventory was low.

When I worked there, we didn't sell guinea pigs. They sell them now. I'd hate to think of how squished they may be in the back. :(
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