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Hopefully A Soon-to-Be Piggy Owner!


New Member
Cavy Slave
Jan 7, 2012
Hello, this month I may be getting two female Guinea pigs, from a rescue I found on Petfinder, were going to our vet around the end of this month to see if she thinks our home will be safe for Guinea Pigs, I have a starter cage picked out, and have done a lot of research over the past seven months, we have quite a few animals but we have yet to have a small furry piggy.
I'd like some input on how safe our home would be for pigs.
We have Two cats, who live in my room, where the pigs would possibly be, or in a huge room next to mine that would have floor time in there no matter where the normal cage was, three dogs, one sleeps in my room only at night, and a horse, who we board at a barn 10 minutes away. :) Do you think our home would be safe for pigs? Were thinking about two females, and the cage I'm hoping to buy is huge, has a built in ramp, and a lid. I'll be paying for most of the piggy stuff. When/If I get my pigs I'll be sure to post some pigtures! :)
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