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Hopefully a piggy owner to-be!


Cavy Slave
Jan 31, 2012
Hi, I'm blueberry! I don't have any experience with piggies, but I'm hoping to adopt two (or maybe three) soon. I joined this forum to learn more about piggy care and behavior, so tips & advice are appreciated!

I'm a young teen who adores animals. I own two Lovebirds, and co-own a Schnauzer named Sophie. I support animal rescue, positive reinforcement, and the use of the word "awesomesauce," and in my spare time I write, read, train Sophie, bike, and ride horses.
Welcome blueberry! You've taken the first step in making sure that your guinea pigs are going to be cared for correctly. Well done! That's great. There is loads of great info here. Check out the sticky threads at the top of each section for all you need to know about diet, bedding, cages etc. Good luck! :)
Awesomesauce is a word that is catching on.

Welcome to the forum this is the right place to learn about piggy care that is for sure!
sarah0712 - thank you! :)
Inle_Rabbit - rightly so, and thanks!
Welcome! You will find loads of info and helpful folks here!
Hi :) Be sure to add some pictures if you adopt!
Hi @blueberry!

Hope you feel welcome here!

Also, if you get Piggies, are you planning on making a C&C cage?
Dee_E - thanks! Everyone has been very welcoming & friendly. :)
Crystalkate - you can count on it. Your piggy is adorable, by the way!
Zuidy - yes, if I decide to get piggies I would make a C&C. I've been wandering around with a measuring tape trying to figure out where I could put one in our living room - my brother thinks I've gone crazy. :p

I'm totally high-fiving you, blueberry, and I am well beyond my teen years :D

I'm totally high-fiving you, blueberry, and I am well beyond my teen years :D

Hehe, awesomesauce is officially The Best Word In The English Language. :)
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