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Homemade toy/accessorie ideas?

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Sep 4, 2012
My guinea pig Parker seems very bored! It's probably due to her not having a buddy, but right now i can only have one piggie. Anyways, I want to make her some toys/accessories to keep her happy and entertained. My dad and I are gonna build her a cage with 2 levels, like a C&C cage, but only made of wood and doodle wire, Yes the floor will have covering over the wood to keep her from gettin splinters. Right now all she has is a sock stuffed with hay, and some toy keys(she hasn't ate any of the plastic, she just loves throwing them up in the air). Anyways, What are some great homemade toys/accessories for her? I need ALOT of ideas so i'll have stuff to put in her new cage! Thanks so much in advance!
My local guinea pig and bunny rescue posted this on their page. I'm not sure how much of an interest pigs would have in em.


My local guinea pig and bunny rescue posted this on their page. I'm not sure how much of an interest pigs would have in em.
thanks! Ill try this and see if she likes it:)!
I know mine used to love empty toilet tissue tubes too but...I heard some bad things about cardboard on this site. I guess the glue used in it isn't safe? And it's not really made to be chewed on/eaten? I guess it makes sense that it's not safe to eat/chew, since it's not made for that. But it's still a bummer.

Try a 100% cotton sock, maybe an old and worn out one or one that lost it's mate, and fill it with hay. I gave one of those to the boys to replace their hay tube toy and they love it.
The toys i've got for her now are:
Sock with hay
A hanging hay box, it hangs from the top of her cage, she went crazy for it!
Toy baby keys(she DOESNT eat or chew on it surprisingly.All she does is pick them up and throw them, or shake back and forth and listen to them make noise)
Half a pop box(for a tunnel)
And a paper wad(printing paper)
I go in about every 1 or 2 to see if she has eatin or chewed on the boxes, keys, ect. And she hasnt. Shes in one of the small store bought cages, But i take her out every day and play with her for about an 1 or 2. My dad and i are gonna build a cage like a C&C, except it'll be untreated wood, and wire. And the floor will be covered so she doesnt get splinters and so the wood doesnt get pee soaked into it. Its gonna be a 2 storie house! Filled with toys and accessories. I just dont know what accessories and toys to put in it, I dont have much money..so I cant go out and buy alot, And besides te only store that sells actual small pet toys is Walmart, and they dont have hardly any toys for guinea pigs. If you know of websites that are CHEAP and cheap shipping that have lots of toys and stuff, for guinea pigs AND hamsters, please let me know!
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