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Homemade stuff.


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May 4, 2012
What are homemade things you have your piggies.
When I was a kid I built a wooden house for mine.
Piggie forests. I learned about them from this site.
Cuddle cups, sacks, tunnels, fabric like igloos called cavy caves, piggie forests, low side cuddle cups, hammocks and more. The list never seems to stop in my house ;) .
Stuff I've made or stuff I've bought from other people that are "home made" at their house??

I've made a fleece forest and cuddle sacks (and liners). I've bought a homemade fleece tunnel, a different fleece forest, a cavy cave from @CanadianComforts, and liners because the ones I made just weren't cutting it and I wanted to see how the ones with sides would work compared to my flat ones I made...
I had found a pattern for making a cuddle cup on here somewhere but I cant find
would anyone know where to look?
I am trying to sew one with a sewing machine but not sure how to do it
my family is helping me and they said they need a pattern.
I just put a stuffed animal in their cage and THEY LOVE IT!! They get to climb all over it and cuddle with it. So I think it makes a great toy. Just watch them and check it every once and a while to make sure they dont bite through it to the fluffy stuff inside.
Wow love this idea..im going to try it. Thnx for sharing it
I used a pillow case for that it workes really well and all you have to do it fold the front a little bit and it works great without any sewing !!
What's a piggie forest?
where you cut a bunch of long strips and tie them to top of the cage
as many strips as you feel like cutting
Oh! That's really cool! :)
I'm not much of a sewing person- so when I was at the thrift store, I found those baby crib bumper things- cute patterns already filled with a batting. I cut a section off, and sew the ends together, making a cozy tube for them. Sometimes they play in them, sometimes they sleep in them. I have one that flattens the thing down and lays on top of it. Cheap entertainment for them and me, as I only paid about $4 for a bumper and can handstitch the ends together.
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