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Home made Bedding?


New Member
Cavy Slave
Apr 12, 2004
Just a qwick question. My husband dose wood working, and as a result he has a lot of wood chips. They are mostly oak and walnut, with a little pine mixed in. Now my question is: Is this safe to use for my piggies? It is kiln dried, so I think that this is a plus. But I would like to make sure before I used it.

Thanks, eads3810
I'm not sure about the oak and such, but I have heard kiln dried pine is ok for them. But in my opinion the chips should be fairly small to avoid hurding your piggy's feet.

The wood is the same as the pine bedding you buy in the store, with a little saw dust mixed in. I know ceder is not good, I was just wondering about the oak and walnut.
Hardwoods, such as Oak and Walnut, are fine.
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