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Vet Costs HoLy cow! Harry was neutered today!


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Jan 8, 2012
Hi! You may have read my thread in the pregnancy section. Harry and juju, my so called boys, had a litter of four beautiful piggies. Harry got neutered today. Doing very well. However, it cost $300!!!!!! Whoa!! The vet said the babies were still too young to sex so I don't know how many boys I've got. How on earth can I afford $300 per male pig?!?! The goal was to keep the family. I know I can separate the boys and girls but really don't want to go that route. Otherwise. I wouldn't have neutered dad already! Does anyone have any lower cost ideas? I tried contacting a local guinea shelter but haven't heard back

Also, my vet (who is supposed to be a guinea and exotic specialist) swears to me that I don't have to separate the boys and girl babies until about 5 or 6 weeks of age. She showed me in several textbooks where it said their sexual maturity hit then. I read here 21 days. I don't want them separated from mom any earlier than necessary but am so scared of more babies. Any thoughts?
Separate at 21 days. Better safe than sorry. I (at that stage in pig ownership), successfully managed to sex the babies my girl had at 5 days. I was 18, had no formal training and was going off the descriptions on GL and GPC. If a trained 'exotic' vet cannot do the same thing, I'd find a new vet.

And $300 is pretty normal (for me at least), I've been quoted up to $400 for a spay (girls are trickier than boys).
Actually, the earliest I've heard of a male impregnating a female is at about 4 weeks of age. But I don't know whether anybody knows what the lower age is for reproduction. But it's earlier than 5 of 6 weeks.

While some babies can be difficult to sex, usually by a couple of weeks it's pretty apparent. Read Sexing Guinea Pigs: How to Sex a Guinea Pig for more than you ever wanted to know about sexing guinea pigs.
Regardless of having them neutered, you would have to separate the boys regardless. Only one male can be in with the females. Otherwise, they will fight over the females. (Neutered or not) It would probably be in your best interested to just move the baby boys into their own cage once you can distinguish the sexes. Congrats on the babies though! :) I'm expecting soon too!
$300 for a neuter unfortunately isn't all that uncommon. Since many vets will not even do a neuter on guinea pigs and other exotics, I guess the vets that will think they can charge ridiculous prices. I called over 10 vets before I found one with plenty of experience and a high success rate to neuter my boy Steve. The vet is charging me $150 for everything. The vet that I usually take my piggies to for checkups wanted $350 for a neuter. NO THANKS!
$300 seems like a lot but makes sense since they are considered exotics.

@TCTrun I'm in San Diego as well. Which vets do you or have you used?
I am in San Diego and recommend Dr. Cecil. I have had him recommended to me by a friend at OCCH, and have been told he is the best in town. My experiences have been great with him. The only other recommendation I have received is for Dr. Cote, specifically for pigs with heart-related issues.
my vet also said that pigs can get pregnant at 3 months, not 3 weeks like I read here. She also showed me text books and vet books. Our neutring is $198. We also had an abcess removed from his neck as well that was $200...and then he has been on meds....$60. Not a cheap pet our little Squeaks!!!
After my two pigs had a disagreement and one of them got beaten to a pulp while I was out it ended out costing med somewhere allong the lines of

$220 dollars for visits and $25 dollars per antibiotix(2) and $50(4) for the eyedrop thingys.. 4 visits

So yeah sadly they are expensive but I feel every penny was worth it for teddy.
Dr Atkinson at Turquoise Animal Hospital. I have never seen him, but I'm getting my male Steve neutered there on Thursday. Dr. Cote is their normal vet. She is great but $350 for a neuter is crazy.
@SurfingPigs I've seen Dr. Cecil for a couple different things (since Cote was too long of a wait) and I really liked him :) I was referred by Wee Companions and I know some people probably have difficulty with his abruptness, but I found his geeky smart vet self quite refreshing.

@TCTrun Unfortunately, I have heard less than great things about Turquoise (regarding procedures far more difficult than fixing) from an employee of mine that worked there in the past. But $150 does seem great for a neuter...I just don't know if I personally would trust them with much more than that.
Yeah, I just don't want to spend all that money on a neuter. I gave Dr. Atkinsons staff quite the interview, and I will be asking him several ??s before he cuts into my boar, but I am confident that he knows what he is doing. If any of my piggies show any signs of illness, however, they are going straight to Dr Cote
wow in england its about £30-60 to get a male neutered!! American vets are expensive!!!!
I paid $125 at Danada Veterinary Hospital in Wheaton IL. It covered everything, including meds and all follow up appointments. I think the cost varies widely by state and by area. The important thing is to make sure you use a vet that specializes in exotics with a good track record.
Pinky...that's good to know! I do have a vet here in Rockford (Wheaton's not that far away) and it'd be nice to be able to compare prices. So far, I haven't had any major problems-just check ups and I wasn't charged very much (but she was also a friend of a friend). Thanks!
Pinky...that's good to know! I do have a vet here in Rockford (Wheaton's not that far away) and it'd be nice to be able to compare prices. So far, I haven't had any major problems-just check ups and I wasn't charged very much (but she was also a friend of a friend). Thanks!

I have two vets I use. Danada is very affordable. The vet I see is Dr. Wallach. I like her a lot. I also like Dr. Borowiak at Animal Medical Clinic. Animal Medical had a flood around the time I decided to have Rigatoni neutered. They completely shut down the office which was located in downtown Wheaton and relocated a few months later. The office was in a lower lying area that has a history of flooding and they decided it was just too much to keep having to deal with it. They moved very close to Danada. Danada was recommended to me by a volunteer at my rescue. Both are very good. Danada is less expensive. Animal Medical charges the same fee for all animals so I think that's why they higher costs. I do really like Dr. Borowiak, though. He's really hands on and explains and does everything in front of you. Sometimes I see both when I want a second opinion. Office visits are $31 at Danada and $58 at Animal Medical
@ChristieB: If your vet said pigs can't get pregnant before 3 months of age, you should see a new vet. I have personally seen pigs as young as 6 weeks pregnant at the rescue, and have heard personal accounts of younger.
Algrif40, your vet is mistaken. I have had personal experience with a female getting pregnant from one of her brothers when she was 4 weeks old. The mother was also impregnated. They were brought into my rescue all together.

The babies don't need their moms for nutrition any more by then, and if they are kept with other male pigs they don't need her for nurturing. Ideally you would put any boy babies with the dad, and leave the girls with the mom.

$300 is a bit more than we pay around here for a neuter. Usually it's more like $90. I believe you live in a more expensive area.
Algrif40 and ChristieB, you both need new vets. If you keep those pups together until they're three months old, you're going to have a guinea pig explosion, and probably the death of some young sows who are really too young to breed.
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