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Hiya! I'm new here!

Sfrangu, give parsley every other to every 2nd day. It is high in calcium. Cilantro is a better every day green.
Keep feeding the bell peppers. They will eventually come to eat it.
You can cut up the veggies real small and put them on top of their pellets. that way they will eat them more and more. You can do this with any veggie. One veggie at a time.
Yes, I can see is very high in oxalates, higher than calcium. Oh, and they love it so much! I will switch with cilantro then.
Hello and welcome to the forum! Your piggie is adorable!

@sfrangu Be persistent when feeding veggies! If they don't eat it right away but you still offer it everyday they will eventually get used to it and gobble it up! Bell peppers are excellent for their vit c content, but some piggies don't want to try it right away. Don't give up!!

I had to edit my post because I didn't realize that I was responding to 2 different posters!! Sorry!
Thanks for all the help! Didn't want to hijack ChubbyBrownie's thread, sorry for that.
No worries! It's my fault for 1/3 trying to read the thread, 1/3 trying to watch TV and 1/3 looking at how fluffy my doggies are lol
sfrangu, keep working with the bell peppers. Those are the best way to get vitamin C in them.

You can either dice them very finely and put on the pellets, or you can cut them in very thin long strips, wrap them in a bit of lettuce and hand feed them to your pigs. Nice lap treats.
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