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Hiya! I'm new here!


Cavy Slave
Dec 31, 2011
Hiya! I'm Ross AKA ChubbyBrownie and its based off of my guinea pig I had for 2-3 years his name is Brownie and he is chubby. Here are some pictures of him! lol
Hiya! I'm new here!Hiya! I'm new here!Hiya! I'm new here!Hiya! I'm new here!Hiya! I'm new here!

His favorite snacks are carrots, celery and cherry tomatoes. I had him for 2-3 years and he is very loving and caring just hates being picked up but when he is picked up he loves it. I'm just crazy allergic to timothy hay but I love him to death!
Hi! Welcome to the forum! We look forward to answering all of your questions!
Welcome!! Brownie is the cutest thing!!! TFS pics!! If you've read any other threads you would know that we have a pigture addiction here and you just fed it!! :p Ask any questions you like, because we love answering them :) My Ginger loves carrots too! (I imagine most piggies do)

Just curious...what kind of cage do you have?
I have a normal guinea pig cage at the petstore it has wheels and its a pretty decent size I want to get a C&C cage though.
And does my avvy show?
I have a normal guinea pig cage at the petstore it has wheels and its a pretty decent size I want to get a C&C cage though.

Well it's good that you want a C&C cage you should definitely try getting one, it's worth while and Brownie would be so much happier!!

And you chose that picture as your profile pic not your avatar so no we can't see it when you post just choose it as your avatar pic instead of your profile pic
Where do I change it to my avatar pic?
Go to settings on the top right corner of the page then on the left side of the page under my settings click on edit avatar than upload your pic than press save changes
No problem, cute pic btw! :)
Hi and welcome! He is a cutiepie!
Welcome to the forum! Your pig, Ross AKA chubbie brownie is adorable. Looking forward to sharing and lots of pictures.
He's a sweet little piggy!
Just one question: how many carrots are too many, bc. they have Vit. A and too much of it is not good for their liver. Ours love baby carrots but I only gave them one every other day. Can I give them more than that?
They can have a small baby carrot or the equivalent from a large carrot each day.
Thanks bpatters, good to know. It would be so helpful to know some quantities to feed them. I only found lists with what's good or not, but not in what quantities.
Oh I give my pig like 2-3 carrots a day. Should I lower to one a day?
And also what type of guinea pig is he? I got him at petco only option in the area would of got a shelter. But I love him. They never said what guinea pig he is. My first piggie so I'm not really an expert but anyone try to figure it out?
He is an american guinea pig. On the diet/nutrition thread is a very good list written by one of our administraters. Ly&pigs. It tells what they can eat and how often. Guinea pigs can have 1 cup of veggies a day.
sfrangu, they need about a cup of veggies a day per pig, and maybe an extra leaf or so of lettuce. I make sure mine get red or green leaf lettuce, bell pepper, and a little cilantro every day. They also each get a baby carrot, a slice of tomato, and corn husks and silks if I can find them. Depending on what else I have in the fridge, they get a green bean or two, a couple of slices of summer squash, some celery leaves, dill, basil, endive, or a little spinach or kale.

I feed them lettuce in the morning or mid-afternoon, and the rest of their veggies at night.
I see you don't count the lettuce leaves into the cup of veggies a day. Anyway, I seem to get them plenty of veggies, there are only somehow different because of their preferences. Mine don't like bell peppers or kale. I feed them parsley every day, along with the lettuce.
Thank you for your post, bpatters.:)
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