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hiiii...I'm new :D anyone fancy a chat?


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Cavy Slave
Nov 10, 2011
Hey....my name is Soph, I'm new to this website and would love to hear from people to give me information and tips about my little piggies :D
Get back to me!! :D
Hi! Welcome to the forum! We'd love to see pictures of your pigs! :D Soon you'll be a pig expert like most of us on here!;)
Aww! thank you!!! i will put some pictures up!!! i would love to have a chat with you!! :D
Okay! Go on the chat, K?;)
i dont no how to do that!!! haha xD
Oh! LOL, ok, up near the top where it says "forum", go to the right of that, it says "photos", then "blogs", then "cages store" then "cavy talk". Click on "cavy talk" and it will bring you to the chat in a new tab. :D
Near the top of your page there is a "tool bar" of sorts that lists

Home, Forum, Photos, etc... The last option is Cavy Talk
Hope you enjoy your little furry friends! I've enjoyed mine for about a year and still keep learning things about them. (And It took me till the begining of this week to find this site lol)
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