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Cavy Slave
Jun 15, 2012
Hi Everyone,
I am a newbie to the site and the wonderful world of guinea pigs,I had them when I was little and now my little boy is experiencing the same joys I did 30 years ago.
I have 1 male and two females who are/were both pregnant,the young girl had two gorgeous babies on Thursday afternoon but sadly when we got up this morning one little piggie was dead.
I had separated her and the bubs when she had them and have them in warm spot in our house.
The older female is pregnant for the second time since we rescued them,her last babies all died sadly. Firstly I didn't no she was pregnant as I am a newbie and the people I bought them off were clueless.
So she had one overnight and I was out all day but when I arrived home she was making strange noises,my boy and I didn't know what to do and then before our eyes she delivered to dead babies which looked liked they had been dead along time before they came out. I did speparate them from the male because he was being nasty to her but I guess i was to late in doing so because she is pregnant again. I asked the local vet why the previous babies were still born and she believes she maybe an older pig and said they don't cope very well as there bodies change with age and it was best to have desexed as any further pregnancies could kill her,I wish I new this before she got pregnant again so I have her with me all the time at the moment because I am gathering she is due soon as i can feel movement inside her belly.
Back to todays upset finding our little piggie dead this morning I don't no if mum is feeding as she has long hair i haven't seen the surviving one drink and it tries to eat the food i give them in there cage. We are in Winter in Australia and it is bitterly cold here overnight,I do keep them in a drath free room and cover them up so I wouldn't have thought it died from being cold. I would appreciate any basic info on having successful babies as we have gotten very attached to the littles and it's very sad to see them not make it.
Sorry to hear that, maybe you should try a heating pad and put it on low and try to have the mom and baby stay on that. I'm not sure what to do. I'm new at this I just got my first guinea pig a few days ago. Sorry about the babies thats really sad.:sad: Hope the last baby makes it and the new bacth on the way.
Thanks tigerlily,here's hoping all goes well. ❤️
Welcome to the forum! :)

I don't know that much about guinea pig pregnancy, but whenever the fremale gets pregnant, there is always a chance of death.
I hope everything will go well for your older pregnant female.
Unfortunately, you've run into the hard facts of guinea pig pregnancies -- they're very hard on the sows, and there's a high death rate of both sows and pups. The pelvic ligaments of older guinea pigs stiffen at about eight months, and if they've never had a litter before then, many of the older ones are unable to deliver.

Additionally, guinea pigs are prone to some unpleasant genetic problems. Lethal whites, which result from the breeding of pigs with the dalmatian or roan gene (and any pig with any white on it can have that gene), are born deaf, blind, often toothless, with immature intestinal tracts, and require extensive and expensive care for all of their lives. Satins, who are often bred for their pretty coats, suffer from osteodystrophy, a painful bone and joint disease that has no treatment.

Please separate the male from the females and leave him separated. As you have found, the female can get pregnant immediately after delivering, and back-to-back pregnancies, called back breeding, are VERY hard on the sow. There are thousands of unwanted guinea pigs in shelters, rescues, and even private homes, and there's no need to deliberately breed a guinea pig.

Your older guinea pigs can tolerate the cold fairly well, but they need small hideys that will help trap their body heat if it gets too cold. You can also cover the cage with a blanket to keep it warmer, and put a fairly large piece of fleece in there for them to burrow in.

We are a strongly pro-rescue, pro-adoption, and anti-breeding forum. We'll be happy to help you with the care of the guinea pigs you already have, but we won't give advice on how to breed them.
Thanks for the reply's as i said i am new to the guinea pig world and have NO intentions of breeding.
I am trying to educate myself of proper loving care for them as they are our fur babies,i do cover there cages they have a snuggie over them and they have lots of hay and hidy holes to snuggle in.
i give them all lap time and toys to play with today was the first time i seen them popcorning its so cute.
Snooki is very loving she is the older piggie and loves lap time although i'm still learning her cues to go to the toilet. i will do whatever i can to make there life with us happy and more pleasant.
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