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Hi! :)


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May 18, 2012
My name is Sarah. I'm the proud new owner of two guineas - Winnie and Penguin. :) My kids named them... What can I say? They're Wonder Pets lovers! :silly: They piggies are about 6 months old.

I am completely new to being a guinea pig owner, so I'm trying to learn as quickly as I can. They came to us from my BFF who is pregnant, going to school FT, and has a very active toddler. She wasn't able to give them the love and attention they craved, so she asked us to take them. My husband Brandon was the biggest nay-sayer when I first brought it up, but once he saw them, he was smitten. I have two daughters - Arianna 3yo and Leyna, almost 7yo. They think the guineas are the best things ever born. :love: Love at first sight. :love:

The piggies came to me what I can only assume was supposed to be a ferret cage. It was 3 stories and metal wire flooring. My friend gave me some fleece to cover it, but the girls would hide under it after 15 minutes back in a clean cage, and have bare wire floor again. I started to look up other options and came across this forum. Sooooo glad I did! I had no idea what we were using was so wrong. :( I just ordered the coro tray and a couple spare pieces (to make a "kitchen"), and hubby is going out to get the grids this afternoon. I want to get these guinea pigs in a proper cage ASAP! (Making a 2x4 grid cage for the 2 girls.)

I want to thank y'all already for all the awesome advice you've shared in this forum. I have learned so much already. I'm going to continue to look through and see what else I can learn. I know one of our piggies is a little chubster, and I can only assume that the too-small cage was part of the problem. I'm open to other tips for getting her to a healthy weight if the larger cage doesn't work to slim her up.
You came to the right place! You certinally learned quick, and it seems like your new additions are getting the best care. Feel free to ask any questions as we would be happy to help you out! Welcome!
This is a great place to get information that is correct and will help your babies live a long healthy life.
Thank you for the welcome! I look forward to reading more and learning more about my kiddo's first furry pets. :)
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