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Mar 5, 2012
HEY everyone i always came to this site to view adorable pics of your piggies,ideas for cage layouts and just about everything from A-z about guinea pigs. i have 2 boars bailey and lucky one is american breed the other i believe a cresten. i jpoined to finally conversate with other piggie lovers such as myself. and to learn more than i already knowI(if thats possible). cant wait to start uploading pics chat with you guys thank GOD bless you all and your piggies!!!:love::)
P>S super excited so pointers would be greatly appreciated im a bit lost on where to start:eek:ptimist:
Hi and welcome. Pigtures are very much oohed and ahhed over :cheerful:. How long have you had guinea pigs?
i have had these 2 for a yr , BUT i had over 5 as i grew up in my teens always LOVED them dont know whhy>??? but Yea i cant upload a profile pic im kind of lost lol or excited!!:crazy:
If u have pics on your pc you can upload directly to the forum using the attachment button (looks like a paper clip). As far as profile pic I haven't done that yet so I am of no help :D

Sounds like you have had piggies for a long time! I myself am new to this but I am hooked :tearsofjo.
welcome to the forum cant wait for you to post pics
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