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Cavy Slave
Feb 25, 2012
I'm new to this site but I've been looking after piggies for almost 6 years.
I have owned 5 piggies - Cookie, Cream, Rascal, Ninja and Puppet, and looked after countless others. My first guinea pig, Cookie just passed away today, but my other piggies are healthy and beautiful.

I'd like to find out more about some of the great things on this site and I'm looking forward to making some friends, and giving my piggies some fun new toys and food.
HI! I'm sorry for your Cookie but I'm betting you two had an amazing time together? There is SO MUCH on this site and you'll constantly find new awesome things for your piggies.
Hello! And welcome to the site.
I'm sorry about the loss of Cookie. Losing someone important is always rough and hopefully you and your other pigs are doing well.

Do you have any pictures you can post of your guinea pigs? Everyone here loves looking at them and will "aw" and "so cute!" no matter what! haha
Welcome to the forum! :eek:ptimist:
Sorry about your loss..

& Please do post some 'Pigtures. :D
Welcome! Sorry for your loss. I can't wait to see pigtures!!!
Hey everyone.
So.. here are some pictures!

In order of appearance:
Cookie - M
Cream- F
Rascal - M
Ninja - F
Puppet - F

Thank you so much for the warm welcome!
Awww!!! They are adorable!!!!
Welcome! Cream is so darn cute! I love guinea pigs with that little spot on their nose like that.
wow ur Ninja looks like my boys :)
very cute
Welcome! They are all adorable.
What little sweeties!!!!!
There are so cute!! :D :love:
Welcome to our little corner of the world, You will love it here and be obsessed like all of us. Im sorry about cookie he was a handsome and your other piggies are beautiful.
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