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Cavy Slave
Jan 30, 2012
Hey everyone,
I am a new gp owner. Right now we just have one very young female, well that is what the pet store said. (how can you tell) I got her for my son and quickly fell more in love with her and she became my project. After finding this site I quickly realized I was clueless going into this endeavor. Right now she is in a too small cage and truth be told it is an awful set up. No worries though, I am in the process of getting supplies nessecary to build her a 2x4 c&c cage and getting her a buddy. I am also working on getting her better hay (only have kaytee right now) and better pellets. The more I research the more overwhelmed and worried, lol, I become. I will have lots of questions as I go along. Thanks in advancen for your help!
Hi Jess, welcome to the forum. Yes it can be a bit overwhelming at first, but you have found a great community here. Just jump in with your questions and please post pictures of your little baby!
Hello and welcome.

--From Sophia (me) and my 3 male cavies
I've found this place is filled with tons of knowledgeable people :)
I do hope you consider adopting a friend instead of buying another from a pet store ;)
And based on a recent rash of unplanned pregnancies, many related to pet stores, I'll let you know that somewhere on here are links to helping you get a second opinion on your little one's sex! Search the forums for any help you may need, and if you can't find anything, start a new thread! People are always willing to help. :eek:ptimist:
I most def am considering adopting. I can't seem to find any close to me. I found one pair that I am waiting on a response from but they are bonded females and I dint know if I could introduce my girl? Even they are all the way across the state though!
Did you find them on petfinder? I've read it on here and I know it to be true that a lot of local shelters and pounds don't advertise their small animals or update enough for guinea pigs to get online. Or that use petfinder.
If you do find some across the state that you have to have, try starting a "piggy train"! Other people living in your state may be willing to help you out, meeting you partway :)
But that is later, there isn't enough room for a friend yet ;)
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