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Jan 16, 2012
Hi all! Today we noticed that a cute, fluffy little guinea pig has moved into our back yard. Problem is, we live in Idaho and are expecting snow... yikes! So I've joined looking for advice for this poor little guy/gal. I'll start a thread with all the details and questions. Thanks for any help!

Welcome to the forum! Wow, that's quite a shock! It's a good thing (s)he found you because with the snow, I'm sure (s)he wouldn't have made it out very well, if at all!
Did you catch her yet?
no, gigabyte, we haven't caught the little one. I'm not gonna sleep well tonight knowing he may be freezing to death out there. we put a box with shavings and food and water out there, I hope he/she is smart enough to use it and I hope it helps!
Call the humane society and ask if you can rent or borrow a HUMANE cat trap, put some hay, water, and food in there like lettuce and leave it out. Also, it'd be best to put a towel or tarp over it and come check it throughout the night.
Best of luck.
Keep us updated.
I told my husband that I was going to call them tomorrow. we live in a very small town though and they weren't open today for MLK day. A cat trap though, I will remember that. And I would NEVER put out a trap that would hurt the little guy/gal or worse! I even shot a bb gun in the direction of (not directly at) a stray cat in my backyard today that had spotted him and I adore cats. If my husband hadn't been crazy enough to marry me, I'd be the crazy cat lady!
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