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Jan 2, 2012
I was a part of this forum a few years back when I had my piggies then. I had 9 at the time. When I was injured at work I was unable to care for them since I lived alone at the time and wasnt able to walk or move around my house much. I gave them up for adoption and have missed them since. I had followed all the advice that I got form this forum and used the C & C cages and loved them!

Today, I became a piggie mommy again. I adopted 2 males. They were being kept in a store bought cage. I will be buying the cubes soon again and will be ordering the coroplast tonight! The first thing when I brought my babies home was to find this forum again! I have forgotten all the dietary needs of the guinea pigs and wanted to be re-educated. I have tried searching for the "menu" (found here on this forum) that I used last time but I am not able to find it. If some one would send me the link so I can print it out to take with me to the store.

As soon as I get my cage set up again I will post photos for advice.
Hello and welcome back!
Ly and Pigs chart for the foods and menu are in the diet/nuitrition thread.
the first of the stickies titled Nutrition..
I went shopping today and bought: Oxbow Timothy Hay, a hay rack - I ended up with a outdoor bird snack feeder - its large and square rack and I can hang it inside the cage, I got Endive Lettece, carrots, a small hand full of green beans, a bell pepper, parsley and something for them to chew on and some carefresh bedding. I couldn't remember what I am suppose to use and didnt think to look it up before I left home. So if someone will let me know which bedding is the best. I will be getting my cubes soon and my coroplast. I cant wait till they get to see their new home...It will be a mansion compared to where they are now!
Hi and welcome back! So glad your doing better and are now able to have piggies again! We would just love to see some pictures of your new guys and what you ended up naming them.
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