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Cavy Slave
Dec 1, 2011
Hi, my name is Roo, and I found my way here in hopes that I'll find a pig/piggies that I can adopt.

I know the dangers that pet stores pose, and I'd love to avoid those at all costs. I've done my research, and decided that a guinea pig is an investment of time and love that I'm willing to undertake. I just need to find a place to adopt one!

Just from what I've read on the website and some of the other posts, I can tell that GPC is a great place, and I hope to use it as a resource for a long time to come!
Hi and welcome! Have you tried petfinders.com? I'm sure there will be somebody along soon that can help you with finding piggies. We will need pictures once you get them!:D
You can also try googling your area for rescues. If you only want one then often times you can find one that is better off being alone, or if you are looking for a couple then they have plenty of pairs too!
Thanks for the advice!
I'm a beginner, so one would probably be a good start until I get into the swing of things, and perhaps then I could get a friend.

I've gone to PetFinder, and I've Googled rescues. Sadly, there aren't many in my area, so it's going to be a commute (which I don't actually mind).
Welcome Rooen! So very glad you found us. You will find us to love piggies and have the very best info you can find anywhere.
Thank you so much for considering adoption. It is the way to go. Check out petfinder.com
We love pictures here. Welcome!
You will find 2 to be as easy to take care of as one. They really do better if they have a friend.
Feel free to ask any questions you would like. We are here for you and your soon to be new piggies.
Sometimes people make a piggy train to get piggies to a forever home, so contact those outside your area because you just never know! Good luck!
Actually, Rooen, there are a lot of rescues up and down the east coast, and they often do piggy trains to get pigs from one place to another.

Also, when you find rescues on Petfinder, contact them even if they seem to be too far from you. Very few rescues have a dedicated building where the rescue is housed -- most have pigs farmed out to foster homes, and they can be spread over a wide geographic area. A rescue a hundred miles from you might have pigs in your home town.
Thanks, bpatters!

I've currently applied to adopt from a Maryland center, and there are still some options on PetFinder. It's just an exercise in patience and the willingness to root out a good resource to find a pig :)
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