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Nov 17, 2011
Hi everyone from a new Piggy owner Poppy! I got him from my oldest daughter who couldn't keep him because of her 4 yr. old daughter.
He came in a teeny cage and I don't think Jeni knew he had to eat vegies. :sad:

So, I built him a run to play in and he has gained weight in the last 2 months!!! :D

Here he is!!!
What a cutie! Glad he's getting veggies now. Do you also know that he needs a grass hay all the time to keep his teeth ground down and his innards moving properly?
Oh, what a handsome young man! Welcome and thank you for the picture! There's a lot of great info on here and people that are very knowledgable about piggies. Take a look around at all the great ideas and info!
Oh yes! That is one thing Jeni did know. I have read about Pigs until my eyes bled. :)
Hello and Welcome! He is an adorable piggie! Thank for the picture. :)
Thanks for your kind replies and welcomes!!! Poppy has stolen my heart!
Look at that happy piggy face! Love it! Welcome to the group!
Hi! Poppy is adorable! I just love the picture, so much personality!! :) I'm glad you took him in!
LOVE him! Welcome and thanks for giving your pig a good, healthy home!
He is very sweet ! I am so glad you are enjoying him so much. Welcome to the forum !
Thanks again everyone! I cry when I compare his expression in this photo to the one he had when I first got him. :weepy:
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