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hi pics are great,

love guineas

New Member
Cavy Slave
Jun 7, 2012
i own 11 piggies all male, youngest is 5 months and the oldest is 5 years, they are amazing little animals and i love being the owner of such cute and sweet and adorable animals. i could not see my life without them.;):crazy::)
11! Wow, that's quite a herd you have there. What is the breakdown of males and females? I have four males.
Holly Cow, 11 males!!! I would love to have 11 gp but there a ton of work!!!

Can you post pictures?!

And welcome to the forum~~
11 Males! Wow! Can't wait to see a pic!
Ohhh I totally missed that the OP said they were all males. I see it now. How many cages do you have for 11 males?
hey i have 9 cages as luke and mj share and mica and caramel share another cage, right now i have ollie who is the main male the boss, he has a tooth abscess, who is on strong antibiotics, toby who is the lowest of the herd, he is getting tested to see if he has renal failure, and seth has a heart murmur and overgrowing teeth. i would not be without any of them. mica is the oldest at 5 years, ollie is 4, caramel, seth, jacob are 3, mj, luke are 2 and toby, tod, sammy are 1 and then the baby tom who is 5 months. it takes me 6 hours to clean out their cages every sunday as we disinfect the cages with cage cleaner, they get dirty bedding removed everyday.
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