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Hi New to site and also Guinea Pig ownership =]


Cavy Slave
May 8, 2012
Hi guys, just signed up and have enjoyed reading some threads. Thought i may post in this 1st as its the most relavent. Me and the missus have just bought 2 guineas and we are 'guinea newbies', we have been given (a rather small) cage. As the guineas are only 6weeks old i thing the cage will be ok for the time being but need some advice what to build a new bigger, multi storyed cage from. Im from England, on the south coast. Any advice would be great and much appreciated. Also i have noticed 1 of the guineas sneezeing alot round the hay we use, maybe shes alergic and should change the hay? again any advice on anything would be much appreciated as we are 'newbies' <br>Thanx again.<br> James&Hannah :eek:
hey!! I don't have much to offer since I am a newbie as well but I had the same problem with my guinea pig sneezing around hay. I ended up taking him to the doctor and they gave me antibiotics for an URI that made that sneezing go away. I also thought he just had allergies since the sneezing was mostly around hay, I tried changing the hay and the bedding to see if he was allergic as well but none of that worked.. My best advice is just take that one to the vet.
Speedy reply thanks =] just bought her from a pet shop, and have got a check up with a vet whenever i need one. Ill have to look 2mora as it is currently 12:50 am and im cnat stop watching them! i just need to get a bigger cage but idk where to start! specially in the uk.
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