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Mar 22, 2012
Hi I am new to this forum I live in England have just got 2 guineas about 5 weeks ago they both girls,but I bought them from Pets at Home Store and I did ask if they are separated from the little boys before they get to the store he didn't know ,as I now think that Sally is pregnant as she has really grown and her tummy is round on both sides I did have guineas years ago The other guinea Rosie is a girl as they were both sexed by the store I bought them from my question is will I have to take the other guinea out of their cage.???
Hi jeanne12, welcome to the forum! :) If Sally is pregnant (and it does sound likely) you wont have to separate the two girls, but do make double sure that they are both girls, most pet shops are not great at sexing guinea pigs. Check out the section on pregnancy on this site. Good luck!
sexed by the store

That phrase strikes terror into the heart of most guinea pig people -- most pet store employees barely know what a guinea pig is, much less what sex it is! Do read the sexing links in @kananaka's post and verify for yourself that they're both female.

Also, if Sally is pregnant, read (broken link removed) and www.guinealynx.info/labor.html.

You shouldn't have to take the other female out of the cage -- guinea pigs make great nannies. She'll likely help clean the pups up when they're born. But do be sure Rosie is a female -- if not, you'll have to separate them well before birth as she can get pregnant again immediately after the babies are born.
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