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Hi, I'm new... :)


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Apr 12, 2012
Hi I'm new to the whole guinea pig thing! lol
I'll hopefully be getting 2 or 3 sows very soon, depending on how big a cage I can get.
Are there any good tips for keeping guinea pigs? I've done HEAPS of research, but I was just wondering from your experience if there's anything I should know? :)
I was also wondering, because I can't get any grids for C&C cages where I live, would this cage idea work?
I get 2 of these book shelves: (broken link removed) and stack them on top of each other horizontally, and take out the shelf parts.
Then, on the bottom one, I expand it outwards with coroplast so it becomes much deeper and make a ramp up to the next shelf. Then I'd get some chicken wire to "fence it off" if you get what I mean? Would this work??
Any response would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much

Hi, and welcome to the forum!

Your idea would work, but the problem with anything made of wood or particle board is the difficulty in keeping it waterproofed and keeping the pigs from chewing on it. Chicken wire isn't great, because it's rough and can tear their lips, and it's possible to get their teeth hung in it.

Have you looked through the pictures of alternative cages in the photo gallery? Lots of people have something other than grids for their cages. I used closet shelving for mine, and have been very happy with it. Other people have used metal shelving -- you can build the ramps on the outside of the shelves if you do that, as it saves having to cut through the metal.
Thanks for the reply! :) I've actually talked to a family friend of mine, and he's helping me build a very large cage. I was also having some doubts about the chicken wire...
I'll check the alternative cage pictures now :)
Hi! Welcome to the forum. The best advice I can offer (besides cage size which you are working on :cheerful:) is getting the best quality hay and pellets you can. I do not know whats available in NZ, but here is a good starting point about what to feed https://www.guinealynx.info/diet.html.
Awesome website! Thanks :)
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