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hi im new


New Member
Cavy Slave
Apr 12, 2012
hello there im wrenie
im new to this site and have been looking at some fab c and c home made indoor hutches and i must say they all look fab i'd love to make a fab set up like them we have 5 lovely guineas and i know they'd love a new home with lofts as my pet shop hutches are to small for them cant seem to find where the cheapest place to bye grides and flooring any help or advise would be very much appreicated:)
luv wrenie
Hi wrenie!

welcome to the forum! I couldnt find c&c materials either so I used an outdoor pet run (basically a wire fence) and a shower curtain as a base, it works great! hope that helped :)
Welcome to the site!
you can also buy a cage kit online here:

(broken link removed)

Welcome, wrenie. But it would be a lot easier to help you find grids and flooring if we knew where you are. Don't post your address, just the city you live in or closest to.
Welcome to the forum! Ditto @bpatters and @MookaGuineaPig. Also, you could try the links up at the top of the page that say "Find Cubes" and "Find Coroplast". That's how I find my cage materials. Good luck! Also, let me be the first to say that we'd love to see some pigtures of your herd. We have quite an addiction here :crazy:
Welcome to the forum.
Would love to see pigtures :)
south shields nr newcastle uk
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