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Hi I'm new


Cavy Slave
Feb 7, 2012
Hi. I'm new and am following the directions which was to post on this. My pig's name is Ollie. He's a long haired guinea who has become a rastafarian. He needs to have his dreadlock cut off but I'm afraid of it. Brushing it out is out of the question. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.
Hi, welcome to the forum! I don't have any long hair pigs, so I'm not really sure what you mean. Could you post a picture? (For pictures you click the square with the tree above, then choose it from either your computer or the internet, I always use my computer)
If you aren't comfortable doing it yourself do you have an exotics vet that could do if for you?
Welcome to the forum

Sharp scissors, and a helper to hold the pig and apply the carrot to its mouth.

My abby screeches like every hair had a nerve in it when we cut her hair. Which isn't true, thank goodness, but she seems to want to convince that it's so.

Just be sure to hold the hair with your fingers next to the skin when you cut so you won't accidentally cut the pig.

And we'd love to see pictures, either before or after the haircut, or both.
Pictures of before and after would be cool! Like a little piggie salon make over. I cut my short haired guinea pigs hair because of his grease gland and he was fine. No screeching at all, it may depend on the pig. Good luck!
I have a long haired piggy too.... We cut her hair once so far but just around her butt. It is very hard to keep her still. We were told it was best to have someone else hold her and cut her because then she did not get mad at mommy.. It worked great.
The haircut went unbelievably well. My bf took care of it alone and said Ollie didn't even flinch. He now looks like he did when we first brought him home. This is a picture of him from a few weeks ago enjoying breakfast. Hi I'm new
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