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Hi, I'm new

Penguin Piggy

New Member
Cavy Slave
Dec 20, 2011
Hi, I am a new person here and I am currently searching for the right guinea pigs. I want to adopt but I live in Cincinnati, Ohio and I don't know if this little piggy and me still is accepting applications since I read a post where someone tried to contact them. If anyone knows if they are still there please let me know. I have a cage that meets the minimum for two guinea pigs but I am going to get a larger one once I am established at my apartment, which allows guinea pigs. I have been researching like crazy and hopefully will be a good owner.
Welcome! It's great to know that you want to adopt and have been researching. You can also try craigslist and petfinder. I'm sure some people on here will also know about some other places!
Looks like TLP&M is still there. But their website says that they both work, so maybe you should try contacting them on a weekend.

Petfinder is also a good way to find pigs. Even if a rescue isn't very close to you, they may have pigs in your area. Most rescues are just a network of foster homes, and they can be spread out over a fairly wide geographic area.
Thanks, I'll keep looking.
Hi and welcome! Good luck in your search for piggies and please keep us updated on how it's going. We would love to see pictures once you get them!
Welcome! Kudos for researching so much beforehand and for adopting! :)
Welcome! So glad you have joined us. Will look forward to sharing with you and seeing pictures of your new piggies. Thank you for adopting.
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