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Hi im new, wondering what else I need


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Jan 27, 2015
Hi im new to this website. I've had 13 guinea pigs in the last 3 years which have all died. My first 2 Misty and Petle i got for my tenth birthday. Petle was always a strong pig, but Misty wasn't she had a brocken leg, an ear infection and a lot of other little problems. She always had a laidback, i do not care, kind of atitude. After about a year I thought i like to breed them which i now no i shouldn't have. I bought a male guinea pig and named him Milo. A couple of months later Petle had 3 babies and Misty had 3 too but 2 died. Milo was in a section of the cage by himself, another descision I regret. The babies soon grew up. I sold one of them and kept the rest. 1 was a girl called Patchy and the others where boys called Scrapy and Darwin. Everything was fine for a while until Darwin tried to climb up over his cage section into the girls side. He wasn't alone or anything he was with Milo and Scrapy. He fell of and died quickly after that. I was extremly confused and sad, then about a month later Misty died. She died during the night, she was only 2 years old. She was my favourite pig. Soon after that Petle died leaving Patchy alone. I then decided I would get rid of the boys and get her a friend. Couple of weeks later I got Lemington the best pig ever. I was about to get rid of the boys when they got into the girls side and got the girls pregnent. This was really bad because Milo and Scrapy were related to Patchy. Soon enough I had babies to deal with again. 2 from Patchy and 3 from Lemy. 2 where girls which i kept which i called Roxy and Nibbles. There where 3 boys which when they reached 4 weeks I put them in the boys side of the cage. Then suddenly Scrapy started trying to mate with them, he also started attacking Milo. Milo had huge scabs on his back and his ear was half nibbled off, it was horrible. So the next week i got rid of them all to different owners. So now it was just the 4 girls. About a month after the boys where sold Roxy and Nibbles died at only 6 months. I then began to take a bit more care of the pigs. I began to start doing a lot of research. I brang there cage up closer to the house and spent more time with then. Then Lemy got URI. My mum took her to the vet and she was prescribed on a liquid. She got better after that. Then a couple of weeks later Patchy died. I was so sad. Lemington started to get so much attention. She began to lick my finger and purr whenever i patted her. But 1 night she wouldn't really move at all, she also wouldn't eat or squeak and early in the morning she past. I was so sad so much had happened in the last few years. 13 guinea pigs had gone in 3 years. I am now going to get another guinea in about 3 weeks. I have already seen it. It is a alpaca guinea pig I think. This will be my last pig so i want to get stuff right this time. i have made a large indoor guinea pig cage for it. I also have a outside cage, since my parents siad it can't always be inside :( and i also have a indoor play pen for floor time. I am going to use hay in the outside cage and fleece in the inside one I have researched hours on what they eat since i think i got that wrong. Now that is my long story on cavies so far.
I would not get any more pigs, especially a longhaired breed unless you can keep them inside. That may be why the others died prematurely. I'm sorry for all your losses.
Also, it's never ideal to keep them alone, so plan to get two of the same sex.
I'm going to have them mostly inside. They'll only be outside a couple of hours during the day at most.
I'm trying to convince my parents, so I can get two, I hope I can.
Ditto @pigmommy89. If you do get two more adopt please. Also do lots of research and beg your parents to keep them inside. So sorry for your loss
Just be aware that your parents may have different plans. I doubt they meant put them out for a couple hours a day when they said you couldn't keep them in the house full time. It kind of sounds like they might only want them inside for a few hours a day. I know it's tough being a teen and having to treat your pets according to your parents' rules.
I've had long conversations and arguments about keeping pigs inside so the deal is. They have to outside when I'm at school and they can come inside when i'm home and overnight. The outside cage is underneith a very covered patio.
Do you have a garage you can keep them in during the hottest parts of the day? Unless you keep you car in there, that is. if you don't have a garage, try to find an area that gets the most shade and is the coolest.
My cousin keeps the cage in the backyard for part of the day and moves it in when it gets too hot or cold, but keeps it in during the winter. He would probably have it inside all the time but his dad's a germaphobe. He nearly keeled over when they had to watch my (four) pigs and hamster when we went on vacation for a week. I'm sorry that all your pigs died, but it sounds like they didn't get the best of care.
If you do get another pig, try to get two, and American are the easiest in regards to hair.
I am sorry for your losses but please, please don't get any more guinea pigs.
It sounds like you sincerely care for your pets but they are not disposable. You should not just "get rid" of them. You also need to provide emergency vet care any time they start to look sick. Please do a lot more research. A lot more about diet, medical conditions, cages. Perhaps they just need more care than you can give them right now.
As a parent myself, I understand that your parents have the right to determine what pets are in the house. However, as a pet owner and lover of guinea pigs, you should understand that you have a right and a duty to defer your decision to get another guinea pig until you can provide the best possible home and care. Based on the history you have provided and based on your parents' decision that you must keep them outside, I want to encourage you to wait before you get another guinea pig.

I understand it is difficult to wait for something you want and I am sure you have the best intentions, but it is clear that you will not be able to provide the proper environment for another guinea pig at this time. Guinea pigs, or any animal for that matter, are not disposable. Please reconsider.

I don't know where you live, but there is likely a guinea pig rescue near your location. I would encourage you (and you parents if possible) to visit the rescue and discuss the proper care for a guinea pig. Together with the rescue, you and your parents can decide whether or not you can provide that environment. If you can't at this time, maybe you can get your "guinea pig-fix" by volunteering at a rescue. The worst possible thing you can do right now is to run to the pet store, purchase a pig, and condemn not only your pig to a miserable life alone and exposed to the outside environment, but to condemn another pig to be bred to take its place at the store.
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