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Hi! Im new to the guinea pig world!


Cavy Slave
Mar 3, 2012
Hi everyone! I just wanted to introduce myself! I am Nadialuvspigs aka Nadia:)
I am still very new to the guinea pig world and would love to learn more. Dont worry I have done alot of research and I already know alot about how to care for my little piggies but It is always nice to know other people's takes on caring for guinea pig's. So If you have any tip's for me i would love to hear them!
Hello and welcome to the forum! :) This place is filled with guinea pig loving, tell us about yours! lol
Thanks! I will hopefully be posting some pictures later today my camera is charging at the moment but they need some girl time to get ready for their photo shoot lol
Okay the photo of my pigs is in my new album! I hope you like them!
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