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Hi, Im new, Merry Christmas!!


Cavy Slave
Dec 21, 2011
Hi, im new here, and i just thought id introduce myself:D
Im Nina and I live in australia. I love guinea pigs, and their sweet personalities just like everbody else here!! I have 6 guinea pigs, all long haired and very cute. Martha, Pearlie, Ruby, Buffy, Samson and Pablo! I'd like to wish everyone and their piggies a very merry christmas! And for those here in Australia stay nice and cool during the summer!!..:)
Merry Christmas! Welcome to the forum! Post some pigtures of your little ones, we would love to see them.
Welcome to the forum!
Welcome to the forum.

I just posted my introduction yesterday I think.

This forum sure does get new members quickly, doesn't it?

Welcome to the forum.
6 piggers! That must be fun! I live in the U.S. so I've never experienced a Christmas in the summer! Take pigtures! welcome to the forum!
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