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Hi! I'm new here.


Cavy Slave
Aug 31, 2011
Hello there!

I'm the proud mama of one cute little two-year-old Abyssinian piggy girl, Samantha. :love: I adopted her from one of my nieces who bought her shortly before leaving for Air Force basic training about a year ago.

Like the typical Abyssinian guinea pig Sammie is a two-and-a-third pound bundle of energy, intelligence, and irresistible sweetness. She's constantly surprising me with new talents.

I feel especially lucky to have her since she survived a nasty ear infection that we discovered shortly after she came to live with me (within a week)...which apparently can be a tricky thing with piggies. If anyone ever has questions about giving oral meds to their cavy as well as catching the signs of ear infection early, I can definitely give you some pointers.

Although Sammie is my only g-pig, she's adopted my family and our cat as part of her herd. She especially loves snuggle time, snacks, and running her cat-piggy around by the whiskers.

Wow, that was long. Anyway, I'm happy to be here and look forward to meeting lots of other cavy slaves like me.

Cheers! :)
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Hello and welcome to the forum! Pigtures are very much oohed and ahhed over, we would really love to see Samantha.:cheerful:
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