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Hi im new here


Cavy Slave
Jan 26, 2012
Hi im new here and i have two guinea pigs
Are your piggies male or female? What types
Yay! Welcome! Do you have some pictures of your piggies? Tell us a little about them? =D
They are both males
Brownie is a brown color
Chocolate is white brown and black
Do we get to see pictures soon...... :)......What kind of cage do you have
Welcome! I'd love to see a picture of your little guys!:)
Welcome to the forum!! Ditto the picture request, we'd love to see some pigtures your pigs!! Have you checked out the gallery here? There are some awesome cage ideas there. :)
i dont know i got it at petland
i will post pic when i take them
Welcome to you and your piggies!
Yeah, some pics would be great! Can't wait to see you'r snuggly wugglies!!!!:cheerful:!!!

Thanks, although I dont know what for,
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