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HI! I'm Guineapigluvv!


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May 19, 2012
Hi there! I'm Guineapigluvv! I LOVE GUINEA PIGS! I currently don't have one, (working on convincing my parents lol) But I hope to get one really soon! I enjoy attempting to train the neighbors guinea pig in agility, (she's doing pretty good) and looking up all the guinea pig facts I can find!
Hello! I'm in the same situation as you. Welcome to GPC
Thanks! I love guinea pigs! Have you ever had one before?
Nope, I've had friends that have them.
The neighbors have a brown and white short hair named Bella! We're trying to train her to do agility but it is kind of hard because she isn't very motivated! Even food doesn't get her attention! xD
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