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Hi, I'm Allie and I have a question


Cavy Slave
Dec 18, 2011
Hi everyone. I've never before owned a guinea pig and am planning to adopt two in the next month or so after I get their cage set up. I live in the St. Louis MO area and I am having trouble finding places that rescue guinea pigs. I was just wondering what you guys would recommend I do in the case that I do not find a place that has any, because I refuse to buy from pet stores. Thank you so much and it's nice to be here.
Have you tried Craig's List? I just checked there are quite a few on craig's list! =D I don't know of any rescues but if you go to petfinder.com and put in your zip code and under breed put "guinea pig" you should find something.

Craig's List results
st louis pets classifieds "guinea" - craigslist
Good memory Hhbean!
I've used petfinder and there were only a few results, but I did e-mail the places about them. I also e-mailed a few people on Craigslist, but no one has e-mailed me back. :l I also e-mailed the person looking to rehome her two females. I hope to hear back from them. Thanks so much for the suggestions. :) I will keep searching.
You are looking in all the right places that is for sure, just give it some time then piggies will turn up. Another member said that after Christmas there seems to be a lot so that might be a good time to start looking.
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